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Nov 2014

Companies Imperative towards e-care

Digital customer service is now a strategic imperative, but its adoption is hampered by weaknesses in delivery strategies and incomplete measurement of its effectiveness.

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Reflections on corporate longevity

Corporate longevity is an important consideration for investors as they assess valuation, position sizing within a portfolio, and the magnitude of sustainable competitive advantage. Investors who compare their results to a benchmark need to appreciate how that benchmark changes.

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Oct 2014

Renaissance in M&A

The remarkable trajectories of business hold a number of lessons. One is the fast-growing presence of companies from emerging markets. Another is the power of cross-border acquisitions, and not just in the direction of developed to developing countries.

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Sept 2014

Business Confidence Monitor

BCM is one of the largest and most comprehensive quarterly reviews of UK business confidence and provides a regular snapshot of the economy, informed by senior business professionals running all types of businesses across the UK It is a credible predictor of GDP and economic change and supports policy decision-making.

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Investing in Volatile Markets

Volatility has always been, and will always be, an integral part of investing. Without volatile markets, the opportunity for profit would not exist. To most investors, volatility means the risk of losing part of the principal invested in a stock.Investors are aware that the market undergoes times of strong trends and times of lateral ranging.

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Crowd Business

Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are changing the global economy. Many leading enterprises are implementing “crowd-based” strategies in one form or another but may not think of it as crowdsourcing. Whether enterprises are using freelance platforms to hire workers or are engaged in open innovation initiatives, crowdsourcing has now emerged as an exponential organizational model for performing work and solving big enterprise problems.

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August 2014

BPM and BI for Business Excellence

The way to achieve effective and efficient business climate is by integrating Business Intelligence (BI) with Business Process Management (BPM) – By adding BI a closed loop performance management could be achieved, where metrics are compared with business objectives and the results fed back to improve processes and decisions.

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Future of Compliance and BPM

Companies treat compliance and BPM as separate project areas, but it makes more sense to treat compliance as part of BPM, and maturing the BPM function if necessary.

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