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Dec 2014
Customer Experience Matrix

Transfusion of Predictive analytics with customer experience

Predictive analytics and customer experience together could be a dangerous mix. The two trends, each racing forward, have the potential for disastrous collisions..

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Nov 2014

Five Ways to Measure Marketing Performance

Here are five tracking systems every small business can use to measure marketing campaign performance. First and foremost is the Website Analytics. It is important to track how much website traffic ..

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Refurbish your Personal Branding

Personal branding is a revolution in the way a career or business is managed. It's a way of clarifying and communicating what makes the business different and special and using those qualities to separate the brand from the competitors to expand the existing success.

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Oct 2014

Era of Agile Marketing

Agile marketing recognizes the value in speed to market and encourages an iterative approach. Agile marketers realize that there isn’t just a market for a product, but many individuals who make individual buying decisions.

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Sept 2014

Revitalizing your Brand

Positioned and correctly developed brands offer a means of generating sustained growth, enabling companies to charge a premium. They also assist a company to resist or bounce back from competitor attack. Brands are key to a company long-term survival and market leadership.

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Competitive advantage through new product development

In high tech world, companies can hope to survive only if they introduce new products. Old products will rapidly become obsolete & new products becomes the only source of future revenue.

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Transmute your Brand Voice

Brand voice is the overall tone and style of the communication between your company and your customers. The best brand voices have a positive tone and are consistent across all channels. The biggest gap for many organizations is getting the messaging (verbal) component right. The use of social media by brands continues to grow, as do the number of platforms brands can use to talk with consumers.

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The Future of BPO: Amalgamation of Human Cloud with Infrastructure Cloud

The Human Cloud and the Cloud infrastructure are defining a new alternative to the traditional BPO services in various key segments of work. It is fast changing the dynamics of how the BPO industry has been operating. Mature functions requires a deeper understanding of the institutional knowledge, relatively stable workforce and governance from a service provider will continue to remain in the realm of traditional BPO or BPaaS.

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August 2014

Digital Marketing Challenges

Many CMOs today find themselves with one foot in branding, one in the post-digital world and one hand on a compass trying to figure out what’s next. That is why we are excited to help guide marketers on their own journey, as well as the customer journeys they are building on an unprecedented scale.

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